Breakfast Smoothies. Amazing

Scotland is still feeling the chill, but I am trying to ignore it by making smoothies! I never thought I would ever blog about food but here I go! If your like me in the morning you can sometimes be to tired for breakfast. So these smoothies are perfect for you, they are also super health so if your on a health kick for summer here ya go –

Ingredient’s-Frozen Fruit of your choice

-One cup of Milk

-One cup of low fat natural yogurt

-One cup of Oats

Step one, blend up the porridge oats in a blender until fine.This will also your body to absorb the fruit sugars at a slower rate.

Step two, add the yogurt and milk, then about one cup of frozen fruit I love berries soo berries all the way for me but choose whatever you would like also pop fresh fruit in whatever you fancy really its up to you.

Then Blend. Pop all the mixture in a secure tub and pop in the fridge over night in the morning the oats will of absorbed some liquid, and its ready to be drunk at breakfast!

SO good and this will definitely put a smile on your face int he morning 🙂


Breakfast Smoothies. Amazing