Layer it up and pop a scrunchie in!

Sex and the City – “I see women every single day, all over New York City wearing scrunchies.”, Yes, Yes we do!

I Am So Addicted!

So I was flicking through Aprils Company Magazine and BANG! just when you thought the 90’s trend had exploded… the Scrunchie is back!

I guess it is hardly suprising with all the dinsey prints comics and Saved By The Bell gorgeous faded Tees trending around. I just thought I would never see day when a scrunchie was “cool” again 🙂

So in my usual charity shop hunt I came arcoss a super cute red velet one  and its suprising how much a little thing for your hair can grow on you! I now love my scrunchie.I think this is going to be a massive summer trend! and it is probably one of the easiest to pull off and FUN


Layer it up and pop a scrunchie in!