Cirque Nomade, Moons and Innocence

With drawing in process I have spent alot of this week seeking inspiration for my first fashion collection since university. I recently watched  Nomade – At night, the sky is endless. By Cirque Eloize which was actually showing on sky Tv. This fanstay tale of love marrage and the nomads of Paris has some lovely imagery and aesthetic. Giant Moons, Circus Magic and Shadows. It has a innocent style and is very charming.  You can also catch a glimpse of the magic on youtube –

The romance of the style of Nomade reminds me of Van Goghs Starry Night. With magic skies and a strong sense of place.

Van Gogh Starry Night

Jennie Pineus Designed the cocooned chair as an artist response to our desire for a nomadic life. Writer Andrew Bolton describes this chair as an aid to the Nomad by helping us to “Overcome the cognitive dissonance that comes from being a rootless Nomad in an opaque system.” [1]This statement reveals an idea of helping the Nomad not only physically though shelter but by aiding them mentally Pineus allows the user to forget there is even anyone around them in an urban environment.

[1] Bolton A.  The super modern wardrobe. London: V&A; 2002. p. 87.



I like to look at all these different ideas and combine them into a sense of style Christina Ricci has a sense of innocence, magic and gentle style when she models. Its the venerability she portrays which I think makes her a mysterious image maker. This is the type of atmosphere I am striving for in my work.

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci



Cirque Nomade, Moons and Innocence

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