Birds and Lace

So Christmas is over, but New Year is only days away let the celebrations begin!

I thought I would blog about what I have been upto and some exciting things I have came across.

As part of my Christmas I received a Belgian Lace Umbrella  I recently visiting Bruges in Belgium and seen the lace makers in the street and the beautiful lace shops. My parents have just been on a break there and brought me back this lovely little umbrella, with a lace trim 🙂 Just another little quirky thing about Bruges.

Dumfries and Galloway-20121228-00058 Dumfries and Galloway-20121228-00057

I have also been sketching tonight brainstroming for my new screen prints. DOODLE * Scottish  Wild

Carlisle-20121228-00053 Carlisle-20121228-00051 Dumfries and Galloway-20121228-00047 IMG-20121228-00050

Birds and Lace

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