Dolls [Fluff] Lights and Life.

My doll obsession, I feel to have little doll people sprouting everywhere just now. I finally made myself a vintage doll earring as an odd doll on its own I thought best not sell her as shes not in a pair. Loving her Orange Fluff 🙂 Brightening up my life.Image

My Mum brought me these little worry dolls back from Benidorm, attached to a safety pin. As legends go these little dolls are meant to be put under pillows when a someone is worried. I think they look really fun on my crazy mohair cardigan. Keep your eyes pealed for them the next time your on holiday.


Moccasins! i love you, these shoes have been amazing in the cold weather the last couple of days. These ones are from TK Maxx but I think they look really well crafted with sewn edges and frills. Really Cozy.Image

Last night I dyed my hair. This is the second time I have dipdyed my hair, I bleached the ends first with Live XXL Max Blonde as my hair was quite dark and then applied the Semi Permanent XXL Live Raspberry, which was great to use as it does not need to be mixed it comes in a tube that you can REUSE. So I can just pop some colour on when I want it. I am pretty happy with the results and I would recommend Live XXL if you are planning on lightening your hair.


The trees finally up in my house lights everywhere! i love the glow of coloured lights I think they make Christmas classic:) Blurred they make crazy fun images as light spores. Feeling Festive.


Dolls [Fluff] Lights and Life.

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