Time Flutters By…

After my open studio I have been really inspired by how well my little Owl Peacock and Duck feather earrings have done. People seemed mesmerized by the movement, of the fine fibers. As just a small part of my exhibition I was worried they have have taken a back seat but I actually feel like a new platform has been created for my Sterling Silver *living jewelry. Sometimes objects like feathers are a passing trend in fashion, but I think when they have all been individuality collected and treasured they can have a new importance and quality. All these feathers can now be found on my blog store, at only £9.00 each or £15.00 all hand crafted and picked by me 🙂 check them out birdies

Feather OwlIMG_1275Owl


Also through my new love for Pinterest I have discovered much a wide variety of talented people. I often find myself responding to interior design architecture and a sense of place. Dutch textile artist Paula Leen opened her house to remodelista, who hold a collection of all sorts of beautiful gifts and articles about interesting artist and designers.  I was often left pondering over a sense of place at university and this work reminds me of our sense of comfort and security within society in how we decor our spaces and homes.  Her home holds host to many of beautiful organic fiber blankets and soft furnishings. Her white wash walls allow her raw fibers to stand out and almost act as natural beings such as plants or flowers, adding a sense of presence and living.


Sublimely edited home of self-taught Dutch textile artist Paula Leen

The last couple of days I have been reads lots of blogs to get my brain ticking. Two of these really stood out to me, firstly Lessie Julianne from Argentina. She has a great energy in her blog with a distinctive personal style in her recent post about moving house she hosted a rail of her clothing which looks like rail of imagination. I also really like that she posts in two languages  allowing people like me to read all about her creativity.

Check it out -http://www.intravenous-sugar.com


My other blogger today  is Karin Bylund from Stockholm in Sweden. After reading her blog it makes me want to go to Stockholm even MORE. Her blog is sophisticated, stylish and fresh. the way she arranges her images in a collage like way interacts them which the past, the future and gives a really current style. She also has a lot of imagery which plays with arty ideas and fashion together, everything about feels European and edgy.

Check it out!-http://karinbylund.blogg.se/

Also another point of reference is TOAST a fashionable brand from Wales. I have ordered these beautiful catalog’s for a number of years, and the imagery is so delicate and warmhearted. The clothes are so lovely and bursting which organic materials and quality prints of classical imagery which feels nostalgic. These are truly dreamy, its sometimes nice to just sit and treasure a catalog of such good quality *I wish there was more like these. 🙂 www.toast.co.uk


Time Flutters By…

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