I have been thinking that writing all my blogs in capital letters is a bit scary ha, so from now on I am back to the more expressive normal writing 🙂 

So it is the big count down the WASPS studio Open Days, and my making skills are full steam ahead. All I can think about is Sewing, Buttons, Zips, Printing, Mounting, Bags, Cushions, Art Remember this, Remember that. On the other hand I feel like my sewing has really improved which is a massive plus. 

So is a very small peak of things I have been making but there is much more for the show.

Rope Bags, Raw Cotton bags which are super soft with a gradual dye of faded blue. With a sea rope strap in mint and toggle fastening. I like the concept of these bags being “Sack” like and our own relations with storing our precious items. I am going to make a small series of sack like bags which will relate to a sense of place and the terms “Belongings”.


I collected Autumn leaves and pressed them about a month ago, I was a bit worried that whatever I did with them they become lost as they are such delicate items. I thought It would be appropraite to create a sense of Autumn them and in a sense trap Autumn for all year round. So I created these delicate lamps which are really suited to winter nights to bring a bit of warmth and colour. 


Cushions, These ones photographed have been screen printed on vintage fabrics which really pop. With local and similar scenes of Kirkcudbright I think the bring back the “Cozy Home” feeling. 


Finally just one of my usual charity shop finds 🙂 I am turning into a mohair magpie!! tooo comfy. I found this totally fuzzy cardigan in cream with embroidered leaves. Knitted by the “Black Sheep” by hand its a lovely crafted piece which I love for its quality and classic style. Thank Miss Sheep 🙂 



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